Saturday, July 9, 2011

Falling in Love... Each Time!

This buckskin gelding is 4 years old and green.  Gentle as a lamb but could barely get him out of a slow walk.  My daughter picked up all four feet and hosed him down.  The owner rode him with dull  spurs and she needed to use them to make him "go".   I always thought it was easy to speed a horse up, but hard to slow one down.

He is a pretty boy.  I personally think he would ride better western - I rode him and his slow trot was very comfortable.  I couldn't get him to canter, but she did with her dull spurs.  If I were to go back I would bring a friend who knows how to look at a horses moves - make sure his conformation is good.  I would also have a vet check, of course.

So, this is the first horse we looked at.  I am driving up into VA to look at about 7 other horses.  I have one I'm looking at Sunday (Molly - the rescue Palomino QH mare) and I have 2 I might look at in SC.  I do have a favorite from the videos and, but I am keeping an open mind.  I want a horse that suits me and one my girls can grow into for pony club.

This is Maddox (that's his name).  Two horse people (who love dressage) did not like how he moved in a video ... I saw nothing wrong... but that is why I would never buy one on my own - I don't know what to look for.   I thought he had a very nice slow "western" trot.  And a very, very sweet personality.

Update on the pony... I believe we will be buying the little paint pony Cavy.  We need to have a vet out and finish up four more lessons.


Shirley said...

He sure is a looker! Definitely a vet check though; there is something about his topline that may contribute to his unwillingness to move forward. It's hard to tell with just one photo, but the way his back goes up in front of his hip may suggest a need for some chiro; if he is uncomfortable, he wouldn't want to move out.

Shirley said...

I couldn't get a video link where it says click here; it went to his ad and a still photo.

Shirley said...

Watching the video makes a lot of difference. One thing I noticed is the way he goes with his lips curled, and near the end of the video he's travelling with his head tilted. I think if this horse was allowed to go western with a lot less contact, he'd be a lot more relaxed and might move more freely. Not every horse enjoys being ridden on the bit, and maybe if you ride him western, you won't have trouble getting him to go. He looks like a real sweetheart. I still think a chiropractor check up would be a good thing though. Ask Kate over at "A Year With Horses" blog to check out this post, she has a real good eye and just spent a long time checking out horses to purchase; I'm sure she can give you some excellent advice.

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

I love, love, love him! Of course I am a total sucker for a buckskin!

Margaret said...

Thanks, Shirley. I won't be looking at him again. He was a sweetie, though.

laura said...

I love him: he's got a beautiful face. And "buckskin" is a lovely color.
Your daughter's quite a looker too!