Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fall is in the Air!

Fall is in the air!  

My daughters have been improving their riding and we have been working on "Freedom" with Oberon. I hope to get a video of that this weekend.  Here he is responding to my inability to learn as quickly as he!  James Cooler (of Cooler Horsemanship) tried for quite a while to make me understand a rather simple que... and Oberon would run off as he just didn't know what I wanted.  BUT... when I finally got it, Oberon was as sweet as pie.  

It was also windy and one of the first cooler days - and secretly, I enjoyed watching him prance around a bit.  At the end of this short video, he came back.  

Below is my daughter's very first bareback jump - and she also recently learned how much fun it is to canter UP a hill.   Not many lazy days ahead anymore for Oberon :)

As you can see below, he has a bit of a belly, but his neck is fine and the vet rated him a "6".  Traditionally he has been a "5" and tends to loose weight in winter, so I am fine with this.   The grass is slowly fading and this year we had so much rain - well, I consider myself lucky he didn't get fatter.  Not to mention, he had no hoof issues whatsoever.