Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sunday Stills - Birds and the Bees

We are getting to know the pony, Caviar, as we are thinking about buying her.  We have spent time brushing her, walking her, and doing ground work with her.  My girls will take lessons riding her starting next week with James Cooler of Cooler Horsemanship.

She heard the horses neighing from the barn and pastures and she looked their way (above) but she did not show any signs of being barn sour.  She had her tail and head up and ears alert - I think she enjoyed herself as much as we did.

The above is one of many bugs we encountered on the trail.  This isn't the sharpest photo of a dragonfly, but I'll take it... The buggers really skit around quickly!  This is for "Sunday Stills" theme: The Birds & the Bees (we were told any insect would do).  My second photo is something that drives horses nuts all summer long:   I just found out that this is an old theme... This week's theme is the 4th of July.  Go figure!  LOL...  I need to scrounge up something for that tomorrow I guess...


Ed said...

Great shots, how did you come up with the name caviar for your horse?

Shirley said...

She really is a lovely pony. I hope it works out.