Sunday, July 3, 2011

Caviar & Molly

This is my "portrait" of Caviar, the Paint pony we hope to buy.  Her personality is more "horse-like" and I believe she is enjoying us almost as much as we are enjoying her.

This mare's name is Molly and she is a "rescue" horse due to her owners sudden death.  "Red Dog Farm" is one of those places I have driven by many times and didn't know much about.   They Rescue dogs, cats, donkeys, I think goats... and more.  I visited Molly and am impressed with her demeanor.  She hasn't been worked with much, but her steadiness on the halter even though I knew she had energy to burn really impressed me.  I will be taking a closer look at her next week.  She is a 14' hand Palomino QH and I love her size and intelligent eye.

Red Dog Farm has another horse, Marley who is being leased this summer.  She will be available at the end of the summer.  The "link" above will take you to their website.  I would like to volunteer there.  


Shirley said...

Interesting! Maybe Molly will find a new purpose in life?

Laurie Pace Texas Contemporary Artist ~ International Equine Artist said...

Margaret, Can you add a subscribe box so I can subscribe and get your new postings when you put them up??

Grey Horse Matters said...

Beautiful horses. The palomino reminds me of my Dusty. Hope it all works out for you with these horses.