Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mare Stare, LLC - a live CAM! and a poem "A Common Bond"

A Common Bond

Nuzzling wobbly legs
supportive, she nickers

blocks perceived danger,
nips tender warning
upon youthful shoulder,

I send mine off,
weary with backpack
deadlines looming large.
Lighten her load
I offer help,
her youthful shoulder

A common bond shared
this mare and I.  Alas,
her sweet job's just begun
mine's run its course.

by Margaret Bednar

HERE is a site with a "streaming cam" that allows one to watch live a mare that is about to foal, foaling, or taking care of her newborn foal.  I am watching my friend's horse WRosieQ and two mares  at Premier Friesians Cam #1 and Premier Friesians Cam #2.   It will be so fun watching WRosie give birth and she is due very soon - we thought perhaps last night.

(If you are interested in watching the steam, click on the link and cursor down and select... they are not all activated... it depends upon the foaling schedule of each farm)

The photo above is one I took of WRosie "big and prego!" and will post more once she delivers.  Do any of you remember how you felt hours, days just before delivery!?

The poem is for "Imaginary Garden with Real Toads - Ella's Edge - Writing Poetry from the Inside Out". I sort of followed the rules... it is raining outside so I used the "CAM" as my outside this morning and also used what was going on "inside" my world... taking my daughter back to college this morning.  (We live within 35 minutes of the school, and since she was sick, I wanted her home resting ... so I AM still needed... sometimes :)

I posted this on my photography/poetry blog, but thought this post fits in quite well here as well!  :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What color is my horse? Black or Bay? (And the answer is... BROWN)

Sebastian had a black winter coat.  It isn't yet summer and he already looks pretty "rusty".  Is he a bay or black horse?  I love him either way and wouldn't spend much money to have him black, BUT I read that a Tablespoon of paprika morning and night will do the trick.  Has anyone ever done this?

I read somewhere that if a horse is feeding from "red" earth (and yes, NC has red dirt) then it is likely full of iron which competes with copper metabolically.   Copper is very important in maintaining coat color.  He is pasture boarded with a nice shed to use to get out if the wind, rain... and sun.  His pasture does not have much shade, if any.

His father is a black Friesian, his mother I would say, a Bay Paint.

...and below is a photo of him last October when his winter coat was starting to come in:

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Do you and your horse play? Sebastian: "The Pedestal" & a video of Guy McLean

Sebastian has found he really likes the pedestal.  He looks around with a twinkle in his eye - I always have to make him get off.  I wonder how LONG he would stay?  I don't know if it is the "stretch" he enjoys or the view.  He even will doze a bit...

What importance, if any, do you put in ground work?  I'm NOT just talking about circle lunging, but mobile lunging, along the fence work (we are learning to walk sideways), cut backs, and various obstacles like the pedestal, poles, cones...  I find Sebastian gets really bored doing any one thing for too long... its as if he needs a goal, a reason, or he doesn't see the point... endlessly going in circles I think bores him.  I notice his energy stays very nice and is very light on the rope if I don't have him go more than three times one way while lunging.  However, much of it could be due his age ... he turns four in June.

It has taken a bit to learn the techniques myself, but I have been pleasantly surprised by HOW MUCH personality I see in both horses when I interact with them this way.  It's kind of like "hanging out' and communicating with them on a totally different level - a working together in a way that can never be matched with riding.  Perhaps the most valuable thing that has come out of these ground exercises is I find my horse has learned to WATCH me.  And I've learned a lot about individual body language from both of my horses.

Both of these photos are from my new iphone... the don't replace my NICE camera, but sometimes a candid, no frills photo is all that is available.

The following video is "Part 1" of a series of posts from Janine's blog "Hoofprints of Enzo and Kaspin".  She went to "Equine Affair" and saw Guy McLean.  She will be posting more on her blog... so check it out!  :)  Guy will be at the Midwest Horse Fair (Madison, Wisconsin) this weekend, April 20-22)  How I wish I was close enough to drive there.  It isn't far from Northern Illinois where I grew up and my family still lives - I might just have to plan a visit next year at this time :)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Black & White Portrait

This isn't a sharp photo, I really needed a tripod for this as it was dark.  The light is from a lamp post.  It would make a great reference for a drawing or painting though.  

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Stock Photography... I'm considering it - does anyone have advice?

Spring is here and it is nice to see green and yellow!  The birds wake me early in the morning and I'm wearing sunglasses.  BUT... I'm still working on Oberon and Sebastian's winter coats.  I have a curry comb and a shedding blade/sweat scraper that work as they should.. but does anyone have a "MAGIC" brush?  (other than electric clippers ;)

Sunday we had a great time with a photo shoot.  I have been playing around with the idea submitting a few photos to stock photography company.  There are so many out there.  Does anyone have any experience in this field?  And of course, my own critical monster in my head makes me hesitate.  I just have so much to still learn about photography.  I look back at some of my earlier attempts and cringe.  Will I look back at these and say... "yuck"?  ;)

I have become much more detail oriented in composition and lighting... I almost never use a flash now, just available light, and I have narrowed my field of interest down to a few specific things, which is supposedly a good thing if one wants to be a stock photographer...

So, any information would be appreciated as I really know nothing about it.