Thursday, September 1, 2011

My Second Purchase... A Half Friesian Gelding

I purchased another horse today, a half Friesian, half Quarter Horse Gelding.  His sire is Raven a Friesian and he can be viewed at the "Horsemeister" website.   A few months ago I was in Virginia looking at his half sister, Apelles .  At this time I believe she is still for sale and I really did like her... but we were unable to come to an agreement and so the search continued...  And this is what I found.   He will be my horse and Oberon will eventually be primarily my girls to ride.  But for now, I will be riding Oberon quite a bit as Rudy (Rudolph Valentino) is as of yet unbroken.

He is taller than Apelles, he is 15.3 right now (his QH mother was 15 hands).  I believe he will be more athletic than Apelles and dressage will "fit" him a bit better but he still has a wonderfully smart mind - that is what I so admired in Apelles.  I expect him to fill out quite a bit and maybe get an inch taller.  He has a very level head and is calm and very smart.  James Cooler  will be training him using the Natural Horsemanship approach.  I will be documenting the entire process and sharing what I learn and, of course,  a ton of photographs, I'm sure.  Currently he lives in Illinois and I will have to await transportation and for an opening at Fiore Farm.

He is just a baby in the video below, but the short video on the bottom was taken this past weekend:

And this is him now at 3 1/2 years old:


IanH said...

He is a nice looking horse. I hope you have a lot of fun with him.

Deanna said...

Now you have two beautiful horses! Well done!!

Judy Sceggel said...

So happy you bought him, he is getting a great home.

Shirley said...

What lovely movement he has! It will be like floating when you ride him. Congratulations on two lovely horses.

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

You go girl! He's awesome!

Edward said...

He is a very beautiful horse, I love Friesians, and Friesian cross breeds are also very nice like him. I take it he is being trained western style or will he be an English ride? Just wondering as you did mention dressage. Anyway good luck with him.

Debi@7Gates said...

Congratulations horse mamma; nice job.

Margaret said...

Thank you, everyone. I am so thrilled to have my half Friesian! I have admired them for a long time and I am really hoping the mind of a half Friesian and half Quarter Horse live up to my expectations.

Edward - I truly hope he can be both Western and English. I ride western now, but really want to learn english... and I hope I do as I did buy all three saddles: Western, Hunt and Dressage. :)

allhorsestuff said...

WOW are going there with TWO horses already!! Woo hoo! He is a looker!
And you bought saddles already..oou girl, hope that works!

Saddles are like shoes for you...not all makes fit and you must try them on for size and fit and comfort. Each horse is different and sometimes is is totally difficult to make one fit! I know...I special ordered one and still am trying to make that work!

Margaret said...

KK - Thanks, and you are correct. The western saddle is a like-new used Parelli Natural Performer and I did try it on my QH and it fits PERFECTLY and is it ever comfortable. (I'm hoping it will also fit my new boy) The theraflex pad is on order and should be amazing - I will do a post on it soon. The english saddles were inexpensive used Wintec (dressage & hunt seat) and I'm hoping they fit... but I did not invest a lot of money in them.

Thanks for the advice, and until a few weeks ago, I had no idea saddles were so complicated. I actually found that out by blogging!