Tuesday, September 27, 2011

"Buck Brannaman" seminar this weekend in nearby Reidsville, NC

Buck Brannaman?  Hmm, I think we'll stay here and keep an eye on the place while you're gone
Well, these two mares could use a bit of work and they are for lease with "a bit of work needed" in mind.  The horse is a bit shy and needs lots of handling and the pony has been riderless for a few years and is fat and a bit head strong (as a pony tends to be!)  But both are naturally sweet mares.  My two girls will soon be doing ground work with the pony as they take turns on our QH Oberon.

Buck Brannaman Horsemanship & Cow Working Clinc will be at Flintrock Farm from Friday September 30 - October 3, 2011.  Dotti & Larry Davis are sponsoring this event and I called them. Larry is a real charming man and encouraged me to bring my daughters.  I have decided to take them out of school on Friday to enjoy the day.  It begins at 9:00 am and we will bring our lawn chairs and a picnic basket, although food will be available to purchase.  The cost is $25 a day.

Below is a great interview with Buck:

Larry shared with me a few other names he enjoys in the horse world, however, I could tell he hesitated when I used the term "Natural Horsemanship".  He went on to say there is nothing "natural" that we do with horses as humans and that he can tell more about a person in a few minutes by watching how their horse behaves, and I have to agree with him.

One name he mentioned was Bryan Neubert and I can't remember the rest he mentioned.

I will, of course, bring my camera and will share what we see and learn this weekend!


Ginnie said...

You will have a blast with your girls there, Margaret. I totally agree with your decision to take them out of school. They will get more education that day outside of school than in! I'll be eager to hear all about it. :)

Allison said...

You are so lucky to be able to go see him! I agree with Ginnie, taking your girls out of school for this is justified. I can't wait to read about it!

Have you seen the movie? Unfortunately, it has not been playing in my area.

Shirley said...

What a blessing for you and your girls.

in2paints said...

That sounds really exciting! I'll be anxious to hear how it goes and can't wait to see pictures!

Log Cabin Studio said...

You and your girls will love it..Have a wonderful time.

sunny said...

hi margrate i have recently joined your blog its wonderful .i love horses and i usually demand a horse from my mother and she laughed.she said it is very difficult to handle them.Is that true?and your post is beautiful.keep it up.

sunny said...

sunny here again i m sorry for your name margaret.actually its my keboard fault:)

Kim said...

That promises to be fun, educational, and encouraging. Can't wait to hear about it.