Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Friesian/Fell Mare

Click HERE as I think it is Apelles as a baby.  I am trying to contact the owner of the stud to find out.  If so, she is not a Fell mix but a Welsh Cob/Haflinger mixed with Friesian.  (her ad says she is Freisan/Fell)

HERE is a photo of her daddy.

So, this is my third horse in a list of three I have narrowed it down to purchasing.  She is being offered at a new reduced price and is now within my price range.  Each have their pros/cons.  If only I could buy them all - the Palomino QH mare, the Paint gelding or this Friesian cross mare.  My mind is churning...


Judy Sceggel said...

Yes, this is Joy! She is out of Cindy and by Raven. The buyer named her Apelles. You are right she is not out of a fell mare, but in their defense they thought Cindy was a fell. The seller had just been given her pictures and told they thought she was a fell. The original buyer of her has to travel out of the country and hired that company to sell her. You are welcome to call or email me for more information.

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

Decisions, decisions... It's going to be fun to see who you pick. Love this one though:)