Friday, June 24, 2011

A Pony of Their Own?

We currently are leasing this sweet pony but are looking at a pony or two next week as we are considering buying one.  I love the idea of the bonding that can occur with a pony because of its size.  I know children grow so fast, but I have two younger ones who might be interested and I really do think it will make them better riders in the long run.  

How many of you like the idea of ponies for children... or, if you have children, did they start out riding on a horse right away?


Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

My kids have always had horses, but not because I don't like ponies. (I have to be honest, I've never really been around them much.) I bought horses because I found really great horses and no ponies. There don't seem to be a lot of well trained, safe ponies around here.

One thing that has scared me a bit about ponies, in a large group, is that a kid sitting lower on a pony is more likely to get kicked by another rider's horse if they get too close.

Shirley said...

If you have a pony that has been trained by an adult and is well mannered, they are wonderful for children. The smaller size is less intimidating. My daughter had a Welsh mare that was super with kids- unless they got abusive, then she'd just ignore them and head back to the barn. As long as the horse or pony is quiet and well trained it doesn't really matter, just depends on what works best for your girls.
Love, love, love that last photo.

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...


allhorsestuff said...

LOVE yourn daughter and this pony shots!