Tuesday, June 28, 2011

...not a corgi...

... a Goldendoodle.  This is Mackinaw and he is not a typical "barn" dog.  It seems horse people are dog people, too!  I see a TON of Corgis around horses.  What type of dogs do you have?

Mac did a great job watching and waiting, but I couldn't let him loose.  He barked a few times while he sat in the shade (with a bowl of water), but I think he will stay at home as the new barn we will be at doesn't allow people to bring their dogs along.  And that's OK... I'm not sure how much Mac liked the horses, anyway.

I entered the above photo in "The Creative Exchange".   A challenge where there ARE (in my opinion) a lot of perfect photos, but it is more about capturing the moment, a look, a feeling.  Click on the challenge name to be transported to Lisa Gordon's welcoming blog.


lisa said...

Oh Margaret, Mackinaw is absolutely adorable!!! The look in his eyes in the last photo just has my heart!

We have 4 dogs. A toy poodle, 2 Yorkies, and 1 Jack Russell/Min Pin. All wonderful little family members.

Thank you so much for sharing Mackinaw today at The Creative Exchange.

Have a great day!


Dom said...

That face is SO CUTE. And he looks downright jolly.

Anonymous said...

Mackinaw is one adorable pupper. The expression on the first photo is priceless, but I really like the second "portrait"! I have a Golden and love taking photos of him. Which reminds me....I'm overdue.

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

Adorable dog! I do see quite a lot of corgis around horses too... and jack russells.

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

You have quite a happy guy there!

We have a city dog (great Dane rottweiler cross) who can't run loose or he leaves, an old dog (whippet terrier cross) who LOVES to run and catch critters, and a perfect farm dog (Australian shepherd) who is my best buddy and riding companion.

I once saw a mini Aussie corgi cross and it was totally adorable. I wouldn't mind having one eventually.

Anonymous said...

What a cute, happy-looking dog! I really miss having a dog, but it's just too soon after losing our fourteen-year old Gracie. Got two great cats though!