Thursday, June 30, 2011

Our New Pony?

This is Caviar and called "Cavy" for short.  She has a sweet nature and is about 12'3"... maybe bigger.  She hasn't been ridden for two years, but used to show, I believe.  My girls have sat on her bareback and are having fun brushing her and doing some groundwork with her.  We plan on taking a few lessons with James Cooler of "Cooler Horsemanship".  (Click if you love horses! - you won't be disappointed)

We will decide in a few weeks if all goes well - and I really have a wonderful feeling that everything will.  We will board her here at the farm she is currently at as it is close by our home and it has trails, beautiful pastures and is under wonderful management.  Obviously, we will have a veterinarian visit her as well.

How do you decide to purchase a horse?  Do you ask for a trial period or do you buy on the spot?


Dom said...

She is super cute...

Shirley said...

Looks like a nice mare. Your girls are going to have a fun summer!
I haven't bought a horse over a year old for over 20 years, I either buy weanlings and raise them up to ride, or buy them, start them and sell them. But if the seller will let you have a trial period, it's a good thing for you. Speaking as a seller, it's risky if the horse goes off the property, because you never know how the buyer will treat the horse. A written agreement is a good thing, clearly stating expectations and responsibilities.

Margaret said...

Dom & Shirley - She is sweet and I love the look of her. I will be keeping her on the property she is now, so now problem with "off property". The next few weeks will be fun and we are all hoping for a "fit". When I was a kid, summer was synonymous with "pony". :)

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

She's a cutie! I hope it works out.

I always ask for a 2 week trial. The owner isn't always willing to do that, but it can't hurt to ask. It gives time to make sure the horse is who you think it is, and have a pre-purchase exam done.

In this case you have a bit of an advantage because you won't be moving her. Not only for a trial period, but also because she won't be having a huge life change that might be stressful and cause her to be a different horse in her new home.

Good luck!

Margaret said...

Andrea - Great advice - Thanks SO much!

I feel much better about asking for a trial period - but I think it is a great way to make sure that it is a match all the way around - for us and the pony or horse.

allhorsestuff said...

Andrea has very good points.

What a special looking little mare she is!She does look to be heartier than the pony you were leasing...larger.
I pray it weork out for will be a super fun summer!
Loved the nickering pony when you left the field too...from sitting in the lawn chair!
I did a post earlier in the spring..I layed on the ground for and hour or so...just watching the mare walk around, eating grass...she would come on over to check me out frequently..I LOVED it!