Friday, June 17, 2011

An Early American Saddle Horse?

This is a statue that resides in a nearby park commemorating the American victory in the Revolutionary War.   It is of Southern Army General Nathanael Greene atop his horse.  In the 1700's Thoroughbreds were bred with the Narraganset Pacer and the foundation for the American Saddlebred was laid.  I have been reading many books on horses and I read that the Saddlebred was the preferred mount for many generals during the civil war.  Take a look at this magnificent you think he was an early American Saddle Horse?

If you are interested in reading more history on the American Saddlebred, please click "HERE".


Shirley said...

It seems like it's built like a Saddlebred; methinks the General is a little heavy handed!

allhorsestuff said...

The only saddlebreds I've known have a neck that is farther up and straight out of the shoulder. May be a new breeding thing(last 5 0 years). This one sends sockeye than both breeds..but does have very nice angles! I agree with Shirley, severe bit, tight rein.

Thanks for your visit today!

Margaret said...

Thanks...what is sockeye? Yes, let's hope this rein was created by the artist for dramatic affect!

Dom said...

Looks more like standardbred or Morgan to me. Ironically, my WV for this post is mightyfoe. LOL.