Friday, August 26, 2011

Palomino Quarter Horse For Sale

Molly is seven years old and available for adoption through Red Dog Farm.  She is a rescue horse, but not due to any fault of her own.  Her owners came to a tragic end and she was left homeless.  I am sponsoring her training with James Cooler of Cooler Horsemanship, a natural horsemanship program based on the ANTRUM Method.

Molly is a horse that is very sweet and loves human companionship.  She is green and coming along quite nicely.  It has been fascinating watching James ground work her and recently he got in the saddle and walked and trotted her.  I watched a session where he was working with her backing up while mounted... she made great progress.  It is my understanding that Mary of The Galloping Mind will soon be doing a post on Molly and her training.  Click on that blog periodically (or follow it!) if you are interested in reading more about this fine mare.

Molly is a delicately framed Quarter Horse, very lady like I would say.  James is obviously a bit big for her and is riding her in a big roping saddle.  Two photos down from here, you can see her with two young girls.  I believe Molly is about 14.1 hands.

Her disposition is one to want to please her humans and I would say she is really quite smart as she seems to be learning quickly.

We often go out and brush her in the field and when we leave, she follows us to the gate.

She is currently being pasture boarded with two other mares sharing her paddocks and shed and they get along really well.

She is listed through Red Dog Farm for an adoption fee of $1,500.  That really is a steal and also consider who is training her.  Click on his website and you will be amazed at what a talented man James Cooler is with horses.  If you are interested in Molly, feel free to ask me any questions here on my blog and I will also encourage you to call Red Dog Farm directly and ask for Garland.


Shirley said...

What a lovely mare. I sure hope she gets a loving home.

Liesl said...

She is stunning! I hope she finds a very good home!

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

What a beauty! Hope she finds a forever home.

Grey Horse Matters said...

I hope she finds a loving home soon, she has a sad look in her eye to me. I'm sure she would love to have her own person to spoil her.

Carol said...

She's very pretty. Hope she finds a good home soon. Love the photography.
Nice to find your blog!

Debi@7Gates said...

I know someone out ther is just waiting to find her. Local 4H groups are always wanting horses; does she need a beginner or intermediate rider?

Margaret said...

Grey Horse Matters - I think her "sad" look was really a "tired" look. She had a nice, productive lesson. She is a fast learner.

Debi - I would say intermediate as she is a sweet very loving horse but she is green. She is coming along wonderfully for James and he has been riding her with a halter. He will be cantering her this week as he is waiting for a bit, I believe. She is a horse that, I don't want to say is stubborn as she seems to want to please... but she can take a quite a bit of pressure. She will plant herself and just not do something... James is already showing her that that is not the easy way of things.... Fascinating watching him work with her. James is still training her until September 15th, I believe...

I think will be doing a training video on her in the next few weeks. (I think)

Yes, I think she would make a terrific pony club and 4-H prospect for an intermediate rider. And her price is very, very reasonable.