Monday, September 3, 2012

Tac, Tac, Tac

I am saving for a new saddle, and I think I am leaning towards a County dressage... either the Perfection or the Fusion.  Or the Parelli English Fluidity.  Since we have decided NOT to buy a second horse, I feel I can splurge.  In a few months I will order a few demos and will post all about the saddles.

For now, I have a Wintec Isabell Dressage which I paid only $200.  I have only ever ridden western, so a used Wintec was a practical course.  I have found I love the dressage saddle.

Currently, I have problems with Oberon's saddle slipping forward.  I purchased a nice thin line pad, but it too slipped forward.  I then used an ugly foamy thing between the saddle and the blanket, but ... well, it was ugly.  So, I found a "No-Slip Pad" made by Nunn Finer and so far it has REALLY worked.  I place it directly on the horses back and the saddle pad.  I also love their colorful dressage pads HERE.  Crisp white (see my nice new one above) is always striking, but how long does it take to get dirty?  Plus, these colors look fun for the fall and winter months ahead.

Once I get my custom fit saddle, hopefully this little problem will be a thing of the past, but for now it seems to be working.

Do you have a favorite dressage saddle?  If so, what is the brand?  Any favorite shims?

And now, we can comfortably ride off into the sunset...


Relyn Lawson said...

That second picture is just stunning. WOW!

Sam said...

I look forward to your posts about your demo saddles - I will need a new one for Baron, but haven't settled on one yet.


Val said...

Did you take the header photo through a spider web? Neat.

My saddle is an Albion Original Comfort. I love, love, love it. The seat is wide to accomodate the female pelvis and and the panel and tree design allows my horse to move freely. I wish Albion was still making these saddles. I do not know if they have a comparable newer model. I found mine used.

achieve1dream said...

Aww I didn't know you weren't planning on getting a second horse again. It can be a severe financial crunch to have more than one though so I understand. Good luck with the saddle shopping!

I'm considering making my own saddle pads as a cheap way to have a variety of fun pads. :) Of course I'll share the details on my blog if and/or when I do it. Oh and I love your new one. The design is so cool!

Nancy Claeys said...

Enjoyed this post Margaret. We don't have horses but I love reading about them. :)

Margaret said...

Achieve One Dream... spend the money on the Parelli bareback pad!! The quality is amazing and it will last for years and years. Ask for an early Christmas present! It is about $220 if you are a member.

You will never be able to make this pad! I have watched my girls become better riders in just two weeks using this pad. I find it comfortable myself as I love riding bareback and I think it is much more comfortable for the horse than riding bareback. (and safer). Just my thoughts.

achieve1dream said...

Hmm that's an interesting bareback pad. I'll check it out more later. When I said I wanted to make my own saddle pads I just meant the simple quilted dressage pads that go under a saddle lol. My friend makes her own and she has so many cool patterns!! She has a Hawaiian one and a fish one and a bunch of others. It would just be so I can have a bunch of pretty designs lol!!

achieve1dream said...

Just wanted to respond to your comment about Chrome's mane. I promise I didn't want to pull it at all, but I couldn't stand the unevenness of it anymore (it took me three or four months to finally decide to do it). And his mane is ridiculously thin!!! It always has been, but it's worse right now because of the sweet itch. I'll probably let it grow back out over the winter and by next spring I'm hoping to be able to prevent the sweet itch problem so he won't start rubbing it out again. :) I know the pulled mane doesn't look Friesian or Arabian, but it does make him look like a cute little dressage sport horse, so I think he still looks adorable. :) Thanks for commenting!!

allhorsestuff said...

When I had a saddle skip problem, that NUNN FINER pad is what I used too. My favorite pads are "Engle" sheepskin. It really shapes to the horse and is most compy for my sensitive mare.

I'm soon to be saddle shoppin' again too. I don't have a big budget though , since I spent my wad ion the ANSUR..I loved it, Wa did sitting in my living room.
Be carefull with air, bladders, and cair. Air moves away from pressure, creating pressure elsewhere.

If I could spend the
$$ is invest in the saddle thinline uses...escapes me right now. Jeremy Beales created it.
Good hunting..and always trial a saddle, is what I learned!