Friday, September 28, 2012

Man o' War, a poem

Man o' War

America's genetic gold,
son of "good tidings",

veins throbbed fire,
his mind, desire.

Had a 26-foot stride
that soared as if winged.

Rebellious youngster,
"like holding a tiger's tail",

he became "De mostest hoss
that ever drew breath."

He transcended his sport,
a "Babe Ruth" of the track,

truly "brought one close
to divinity."

by Margaret Bednar  9.20.12

Man o' War and his caretaker, Will Harbut
Click on the above link (under the picture of him with his groom if you are interested in reading about this famous race horse.

I just finished re-reading a book I had from my childhood "Man o' War" by Walter Farley.  It is fiction, but largely based on fact.  A very uplifting read!  I highly recommend it.

Fred Stone  has painted many a magnificent horse.  I'm considering purchasing this poster of Man o' War.


magiceye said...

Loved the imagery here!

Anonymous said...

Dawn is descended from Man O'War twice through his son War Relic - every time I touch or ride her I feel a direct connection to his magic, as well as that of her many other illustrious TB ancestors.

Mr. Charleston said...

Love your poem to Secretariat. I remember seeing him run the triple crown way back when on b&w TV. An amazing animal.

allhorsestuff said...

My little mare that does great things for me, has The great Man'O'War for a great, great, great ,great Grandaddy! I love knowing this.

I'm going to look for Farley's book! Thanks for the review.

allhorsestuff said...

Oh , very awesome! YOU wrote that. Very good!