Thursday, June 28, 2012

Secretariat, A Poem


Red roses -
Speak of a heart, large,
of a race run, not of consciousness
but of style, explosive.

Black-eyed Susans -
A ticket, cherished, preserved,
for Pegasus finally appeared
and God whispered "Go".

White Carnations -
Like a locomotive, no limits,
out front, Big Chestnut!
Circle the field...

Heroes live forever.

by Margaret Bednar, Art Happens 365, June 28, 2012

Secretariat as a baby in the fall of 1970 at the Meadow Stable
in Doswell, VA  - courtesy of Google Images
I'm not a huge race horse fan.  I remember as a little girl worrying about the horses falling and breaking a leg.  But this big boy's story amazes me and inspires me.  I loved the Hollywood movie, and perhaps it wasn't factual, but it was inspiringly beautiful.  I highly recommend it.

One of the last videos of Secretariat in the pasture:


My favorite photo to date is below.  It is of Secretariat with his groom, Eddie Sweat.   The website and article I got this photo from is HERE.


in2paints said...

I love Secretariat... I was obsessed with him when I was a child, and my affection for him is still quite strong today.

I'm not big into racehorses either, for the same reasons you mentioned, as well as a few others, but he was magnificent. The movie was great, and I highly recommend it as well.

Dom said...

Gorgeous poem :) LOVED the movie too.

Ian said...

He truly was a great horse!

Shirley said...

THE greatest racehorse. EVER.

Liesl said...

A larger than life kinda horse! Nice poem Margaret!

Merri said...

this is great, thanks for posting!
he was, simply, awesome.
- The Equestrian Vagabond

NeighGirl said...

OMG I love that movie!