Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Amanda Lockhart - equine photographer

Here is photographer, Amanda Lockhart, (love her British accent) giving tips on how to photograph your horse.  I am going to try the action tips at the end.  She has a few books for sale - her website is Amanda Lockhart Photography

And putting her advice into action, here is a photo I like much better in B&W:


Val said...

Thank you for sharing this video. I found it very interesting and educational, especially because she showed how she took the photos and then the actual results.

Janine said...


You can take the Kaspin ad off. I have gotten a few calls on Kaspin and every time I freak out about selling him. So for now, I will give it some more time and see if I can continue to afford 2 horses? Then later, I can always change my mind again. Thanks again for all your help! You have been sooo sweet for helping me!!! Janine

Love the photography!!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Great video and very instructive. I just got a new camera and am actually going to a photographer in July to take a lesson or two. I'm a fan of black and white too, everything just seems a little clearer without the distraction of color.

Read a few of your previous posts. It's going to be hot here too. Hate the heat. Glad you are all doing so well with Oberon. He's beautiful.