Friday, March 16, 2012

Oberon's "Blanket of Dreams"

A blanket of dreams I wear
resembling "Big Red" himself
don't you think?

I strike a pose
worthy of a triple crown winner

my sporty stripes cover
a studly physique
flowers tossed from admirers
cause me to prance and paw the ground
rear, cause a ruckus
because I can...

Neigh, snort, we horses dream too.

Oberon, Art Happens 365, March 15, 2012

This is for "Friday Flash 55" - a story in 55 words - no more, no less.   My girls and I were so happy when it snowed for a few days in February and were able to put Oberon's "cooling off" blanket on.  Well, it really wasn't necessary as we don't work our horses up in a frothy sweat during the winter months, but he does look cute, doesn't he?

The above b&w photo is linked with "Friday Fences #25"  

I have been away from blog land for about three weeks... we have our house on the market now and wow, this was not an easy job!  Purging quickly became my favorite past time (much easier than reorganizing!  :)  


Judy Sceggel said...

Love the poem, his blanket is almost like the coat of many colors although I'm sure you don't show favorites. I saw Sebastian's last owner at the Horse Fair. She is so glad you are now his owner. She really loved him. ps Vicki's boy is Sebastian's FULL brother.

Shirley said...

I was wondering what happened to you! I love your header photo, it sure shows the size difference between your boys.
Cute poem too.

Faye said...

What breed is Oberon? Such striking colors. With the house sales will you be able to keep your horses? I hear you about the pressures of putting a house on the market. You get pretty ruthless about clearing out, don't you?

Jan n Jer said...

Nice post. Love that blanket n It appears Oberon loves it too! Good luck with the house...been there done that...perfect time to clear out clutter!

Tatjana Parkacheva said...

Beautiful photos.

Regards and best wishes

Beth said...

so pretty. curious. why do some horses have blankets & others don't? any clue? i always wonder if the horses wonder why does that dude or chick have a blanket & i don't? so not fair. ha. ha!! (:

achieve1dream said...

Cute blanket!!! He looks adorable.

Moving sucks, but it is nice to purge. :)