Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bentaiga Saddles

Thanks to "My Equestrian World", I was introduced to the Bentaiga website.  I found one page very interesting regarding saddles over time.  HERE  Haven't investigated these saddles yet, but I have found it interesting!   I would LOVE to see how these feel ... Looks to me like they are mighty comfortable trail riding saddles!

Has anyone ever ridden in a Campo Flex Bentaiga saddle?

I have a half Friesian.  Still waiting for him to finish growing ... he is almost four.  But I wonder if the following would apply for him.  James, my trainer, made the comment that Sebastian was a bit difficult to fit with a western saddle.  (it is from the Bantaiga website)

The reason is that almost every Baroque horse has more or less a curved back. It doesn't matter whether they are built downhill or tend to have a hollow back- the result is the same. Straight shaped trees don't fit properly because they were made for horses with rather straight backs. The tree factories don't really care for this problem because the baroque horses still are very small minority. The costs for the tools to be able to make a special tree in three seat sizes and gullet sizes are already higher than the profit would be, because there are not many horses which need such a special tree. But the increasing number of ambitious dressage riders with baroque horses encouraged us to start this project. Because of this, we decided to go with a handmade laminated wooden tree.


Edward said...

Thanks for the link, looking at Sebastian he doesn’t really look like a Baroque horse to me, having said that I can see why Cooler would say it’s hard to fit him in a western saddle, I am sorry I can’t really be of much help.

Margaret said...

Edward - It is always fun to promote another horse blog and I enjoy yours. :)

Sebastian is four years old June 18th. He is still growing and I won't even consider purchasing a saddle until he is at least six. (They can grow up to seven years) I know he is only half Friesian, but he is registered as a "Sport Horse' but I don't want to take any chances. I would consider his father a "modern" looking Friesian.

achieve1dream said...

I LOVE your new header picture!

Interesting about the baroque horses.... Chrome's back looks straight to me, but he's still growing, so there's no way to know for sure. I'm planning to go treeless though so hopefully it's a non-issue for us!!