Monday, January 23, 2012

Sebastian & Oberon.. an update & AMAZING VIDEO at bottom of the post


All has been pretty quiet here.  The weather has been a bit rainy, (but for this born and raised northern gal) I'm loving this winter!  I've been a bit quiet on the blog front lately as we are busy putting our house on the market... interior painting, organizing, purging, upgrades...  We are staying in the area, just desire a different situation.  I miss my frequent trips to the barn but it I will be back in full swing within a week.   (The top photo has been linked to this week's "Creative Exchange")

Sebastian scratched 20% of his cornea and he was sore, poor boy.  The vet gave us some ointment and meds and he seems to be much better yesterday when my daughter and I went out to groom.  I just love his profile - so strong and proud, isn't it?  

I can't wait for a warm sunny day for as much as I brush, dust just puffs and clouds off their backs!  My daughters have had a few Saturday lessons, but I do think Oberon is looking a little chubby... or is this just fluff?

Does this video put you in the mood for riding?  It is AMAZING!  


Edward said...

Hello, love the photos of Sebastian. I think Oberon is probably ok, but you could always check, there are loads of different ways of checking, I will tell you the one I use most often. First the horse should be smooth to some degree with no jutting out bones, run your hand over him to check he’s not too boney, then to make sure he’s not to fat his ribs should have a layer of fat but you must be able to find the ribs, and you should be able to feel his last three back ribs easily. Of course different horses tend to put weight on in different places, so one horse may have a fat bum and skinny chest or vice-versa. With this view of him he does look rather rounded, but it can be very hard to tell when they have their winter coats, if you get concerned about his weight, I would think that Cooler can be of assistance. On a different note now I have an award for you over at my blog.

Margaret said...

Edward, Thanks! I will try this on Oberon... but if anyone tries it on me, I'm gonna kick them! :) I'm not overly concerned as I KNOW that in a very short time we will have nice weather and Oberon has THREE people that ride him, me and my two girls. :) Plus, in the cold months, I'd rather see him a bit pudgy). But it is nice to KNOW how to check his weight. Thanks.

Wayside Artist said...


All my life I've wanted a horse. My first word was, "Forsie" not Mama or Dada!! At 51 years old, I doubt I'll ever get my wish, stil I love your blog and all the fantastic photos of Oberon and Sebastian and their cronies. With every post, I enjoy reading about your riding and photography, but most of all to vicariously share your experiences with the horses.

Thanks so much for making me smile!


lisa said...

But that's just his winter coat Margaret!!! :-)
Both of these big guys are just magnificent. I especially love the first photograph here. So regal!
Loved this video, and I wish you the very best with your move.

Thank you so much for sharing with us thus week at The Creative Exchange.

Have a wonderful evening!


smazourek said...

Gorgeous portrait!

Oberon doesn't look terribly fat to me, but then again my horses live with a horrifically obese mustang/morgan cross. I can't feel her ribs at all. Everything looks thin compared to her!

achieve1dream said...

Oberon looks good to me, but I would do the rib check that Edward mentioned. I'm in the habit of running my fingers over Chrome's ribs at every feeding. In the winter (especially with a thick winter coat) I don't mind that I can't feel all of them so long as I can feel some of them. In the summer I like to feel them easier. :)

That video is amazing!! He has incredible balance. I wonder if standing on their backs makes them sore though. I'm sure he doesn't do it all the time, just a thought I had while watching. I just wish I had such awesome balance.

Corinna said...

its just fluff :) gorgeous photos! and your words make me itch for Spring thaw and Spring horse coats!

Kim said...

Makes me wonder if you are looking for a place with space for your horses too. ;)

Margaret said...

Wayside - AWESOME are you have on your blog. And like I said, glad to have you experience this adventure with me! :)

Thanks everyone! Oberon will be happy with your comments. And Kim... just closer to the boarding barn :) I think my husband would loose it as he isn't really a country boy.. he just married a country girl :)

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

I saw that you have several blogs, but was definitely drawn to this one. Although I don't own a horse, I love to see them both in person and in photography.

Your horses are beautiful and I'm glad that we have connected. :)

Tatjana Parkacheva said...

Great photographs, especially I like the first one.

Regards and best wishes

Pat said...

Gorgeous horses!

Shirley said...

Good luck with selling your house. Hope you do manage to move closer to your barn.
Oberon looks just right.
Saw that video a few days ago on facebook- it's amazing what horses will do, and the rapport we can establish with them.