Saturday, February 1, 2014

Mystic & Mary - Read all about it in EQUUS or the full un-edited article right here

Above is Mystic, a gelding featured in an article in EQUUS Magazine.

Please, read the amazing story of Mystic and Mary.  The article is condensed in Equus magazine, but the whole unedited article can be found HERE.

I have personally witnessed a part of this journey and it is all true.  

After about a year apart, Mystic and my Oberon are pasture buddies once again.  I hope everyone who swings by to read this is braving through this winter.  I know I 'm looking forward to the spring!


in2paints said...

What a beautiful story!!

The Equestrian Vagabond said...

that's a great story Margaret, thanks for posting!
- The Equestrian Vagabond

Dom said...

What an amazing story!

Sara said...

I couldn't access the Equus article, but read the other. It's so nice when you find just the right partnership with whatever animal is in your life:~)

I've always loved horses. My daughter used to ride jumpers and I was the groom and horse walker when she showed. They are great and wise animals. I can't tell how many times her horse, Byron, made the correct decision regarding a jump:~) He's gone now and we both miss him very much.