Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fall is in the Air!

Fall is in the air!  

My daughters have been improving their riding and we have been working on "Freedom" with Oberon. I hope to get a video of that this weekend.  Here he is responding to my inability to learn as quickly as he!  James Cooler (of Cooler Horsemanship) tried for quite a while to make me understand a rather simple que... and Oberon would run off as he just didn't know what I wanted.  BUT... when I finally got it, Oberon was as sweet as pie.  

It was also windy and one of the first cooler days - and secretly, I enjoyed watching him prance around a bit.  At the end of this short video, he came back.  

Below is my daughter's very first bareback jump - and she also recently learned how much fun it is to canter UP a hill.   Not many lazy days ahead anymore for Oberon :)

As you can see below, he has a bit of a belly, but his neck is fine and the vet rated him a "6".  Traditionally he has been a "5" and tends to loose weight in winter, so I am fine with this.   The grass is slowly fading and this year we had so much rain - well, I consider myself lucky he didn't get fatter.  Not to mention, he had no hoof issues whatsoever.  


achieve1dream said...
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achieve1dream said...

I wish there was an edit button! I can't stand to leave typos, so I deleted my previous comment.

Oberon is so handsome!!

Also almost forgot to mention, your daughter looked great over the jump! Riding (and jumping) bareback is so fun and so good for balance. :)

Glennis said...

Beautiful horse and a lovely photo with the blossom behind.