Sunday, June 23, 2013

"Cantering" a video with Kenny Harlow, an update on Sebastian

Here is a photo of Sebastian - do you remember the Friesian/Paint I owned a while back?  Well, we still get to watch him in training with James Cooler (Click HERE for Facebook link) and handle him a bit while he is away doing clinics and such this summer.  He is doing well and is a sweet boy.

This is a video of Sebastian when he was a baby (his original name was Falcon).  I posted this for a few of my poetry blogging friends who like horses (especially Fireblossom):

And for those of you with a few minutes to spare, below is a video of James Cooler explaining how Sebastian played an important role into James being selected as a Wild Card for 2014's Road to the Horse!  Notice: he rides him with no bridle.

A gentlemen I just found and find interesting is Kenny Harlow.  This video is a series and I think it is the third of a three part segment:  (This isn't new to me as we have worked with something similar to this with James Cooler)

...and we can't forget Oberon.   (FYI:  my daughter always wears a helmet riding except for a few photoshoots - so don't give me grief.)  We've been working on "perfect" transitions and beginning collection.


Fireblossom said...

Sebastian baby pix! yay!!!

Janine said...

Very cool!!!

achieve1dream said...

Sebastian is so gorgeous! I miss reading about him. The way he tries to chew on everything reminds me of Chrome. They seem to have a lot in common personality wise. :)