Thursday, March 28, 2013

Julie Goodnight YouTube Video on Transitions

Transitions with Julie Goodnight.  I really like this.  My daughter was in her first show recently and we realize Oberon's transitions need to be worked on as we have spoiled him a bit.  James & Kate Cooler will be working with us on this, and I think this is what they have been talking to us about... it's all in the seat.  We will see next week as we have lessons scheduled.

What do you think of this video?

My daughter showed Oberon for the first time at an Open Show which was held at our "home" barn.  I am not sure if I have mentioned it, but I moved to a place called "Flintrock Farm".   They have a number of fun events planned on their calendar HERE and we are looking forward to May's "Horsefriend's" Open Fun Show Horse... specifically the games "Egg & Spoon" and "Ride a Buck" to name a few.

She entered in a walk/trot class and she did very well.  Two fifths and a sixth.  Not bad for JUST LEARNING what a diagonal was and holding leather reins in her hands for the first time (she likes her rope reins).  Oberon has been a tad bit spoiled and his transitions have gotten sloppy.  Believe me, my daughter is already on it!!  He could also be a bit more collected in his head carriage, but we will work on the issue of smooth, quick transitions first.  And Emma is just learning how to ride two handed.

Doesn't he look handsome in his English garb?


Janine said...

How very cool and fun!!!

Story said...

Very well timed! I was just chatting with my sister yesterday about the issues I've been having with transitions!

Oberon looks adorable dressed up English (although I admit that I think he looks adorable no matter what he wears).

Well done for a first show and I bet those events coming up will be a blast!

Vaishali Jain said...

Super cool! :D

And lovely pictures, these. :)

Marcoantonio Arellano said...

Beautiful site, Margaret and lovely piece: Hopes and Dreams.

Gracias for letting me visit

Grey Horse Matters said...

He does look handsome in his English attire!

Like the video too.

Linda O'Connell said...

These photos remind me of when my granddaughter was so interested in horses.