Thursday, December 6, 2012

Easily Replaced?

My handsome Oberon

Easily Replaced

I wouldn't miss
your brown liquid eyes
upon me, your warm,
tender lips softly searching,
nibbling my shoulder,
seeking my caress.

I wouldn't miss
your adventurous spirit,
nor the way you light up
when you see me,
nor the way you listen
to my singing, content.

I wouldn't miss
the way you love me.

by Margaret Bednar, 11-4-2012

This has NOTHING to do with the fact I carry treats on me.
Don't you LOVE his furry winter coat?  It's going to get even fuzzier soon.
Looking pretty cute in his cooling down blanket


Far Beyond The Ridge said...

Yeah, Margaret, i get it.
I bitch relentlessly about the horses, but then i wander out there.
Orion lifts his head and i see those big brown eyes.
I place my shoulder under his neck of thunder and everythings alright. I reassure him those horrid days at nasty tracks are over. 54 races to scratch the gambler's itch.
But i try to not let anyone see me loving him~it would ruin my image.

Shirley said...

He really is a lovely horse, you are blessed to have found him.

Margaret said...

Ha! My husband does the same thing regarding the dogs (any man that puts up with four pooches DOES have a reason to complain) but I catch him scratching their ears now and again :)

Riet said...

What a beauty he is and I love your verse.

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Sooo handsome!!!

Kim said...

So sweet!

Steve Finnell said...

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Kimberly Taylor said...

Your horse Oberon is really handsome. I love the way you express your thought through verses. You're such a good poet.

Jori said...

Beautiful photo's! What a wonderful horse!

Johnny Nutcase said...

Oberon is beautiful!! So pretty, love the photos :)