Friday, October 12, 2012

The Pick-up Line

My iPhoto improved with Kim Klaussen's "Oh My" Texture

The Pick-up Line

A Gelding's Boast

Back in the day
when I ran with the colts,
I was an "Outlaw",
untamed vigor,
no cowboy could tame...

A Mare's Thoughts

"They're all the same..."

by Margaret Bednar, October 12, 2012

This is linked with Kim Klaussen's "Texture Tuesday" & IGWRT's "Music with Marian" subject"  Outlaw/Crazy.    I don't think this is exactly what the prompt was looking for, but it is what I could do with the time I have available today.

This is a photo of the new stables my horse, Oberon, is boarding.  I sold my horse, Sebastian, to my manager trainer and they are now at a different barn as well.  I am really excited, though, as I may be trail riding with Sebastian & James this weekend.

If you are a Buck Brannaman fan, check back here in a few days as I have a few photos and a rundown of the clinic I attended a couple of weeks ago.


allhorsestuff said...

Very cleverly conceived!

Hope you do get to go!!!

Mike Garner said...

nice! great shot huh! you got it perfectly! see some horse photos here, might as well you get interested..

Log Cabin Studio said...

Love your new header...
Beautiful photo.