Thursday, May 17, 2012

Horses... there is always something!

This is my friend's newborn, Casimiro WW, and his mother, Wrosie.  All the photos here on this post were taken and texture applied with my iPhone.  I love the spontaneity this device offers - not perfect photos, but fun ones.  :)

Above is a photo of my daughter riding Oberon.  He has actually been hurt the past month with kicks to his hind legs from Sebastian (below).  The pecking order has changed and I hope this will not happen again.  I had an ultrasound and x-ray done as the swelling had stopped receding and he started to limp (for one day). The good news is the ligaments and tendons all look great and NO bones broken, but now we need to keep him moving (slowly) and heel so no scar tissue builds up.  My daughters are so light weight that I didn't think it would hurt Oberon to have them ride him bareback (and he hasn't limped for a couple of weeks now)

Below is my "bad" boy Sebastian.  He really is a sweetheart and normally they are the BEST of friends.


Kim said...

Those are gorgeous photos! I can't believe you took those with your i-phone. I think I need a few pointers. Email me if you want to share tips!
So glad Oberon is doing ok. Don't you just love the look of slow riding bareback? I did some of that this morning on Bobbi.

Shirley said...

You're right- there's always something! Oh well, we can't bubble wrap them. Glad Oberon is going to be ok. Love your header photo.

Janine said...

I hope all will turn out great!!! But yes, horses are always up to something, or getting hurt:( Enzo's nose is still not normal, sigh.

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

Fabulous photos! My husband just got a new and improved phone and I made him get instagram the first day. So neat the things you can do. Healing vibes for Oberon, wagging my finger at Sebastian!

achieve1dream said...

Poor Oberon! I'm glad he's feeling better. I love the photo of your daughter riding him. :D

After seeing that last photo I definitely agree Sebastian is definitely a seal brown!!! So gorgeous. :D