Saturday, September 21, 2013

"A Blue Ribbon Kind of Day" a poem

Oberon - Full of tests, tricks and a heart of Gold

A Blue Ribbon Day

It was a summing up
kind of day,
of hours spent
collecting, posting,
diagonals, leads,
shoulders back,
thumbs up, heels down,
look, leg, lead
(don't forget... smile!)

September is a time
to celebrate achievements,
wrap up a season's progress,
teamwork, companionship.

Our Oberon, full of fun,
tricks, and a heart of gold...
or is that blue?

by Margaret Bednar, September 21, 2013

A Blue Ribbon Day
Warming up... Oberon not wanting to "collect",
my daughter light of hands and patient.  We don't collect for long
as we are building up his strength.

 It was an overcast day, but that kept things a bit cooler.  It is still rather warm here in North Carolina and very green - trees don't show any hint of color yet - and it misted for part of the day - didn't rain until after we were done with our classes.   My daughter has come a long way in her riding, and Oberon is a pony with a wonderful mind - doesn't do anything dangerous, but will test her to see if she knows what she is doing.  Being a pony, he is always looking for an easy way out of work ;)

They were in 6 classes.  Placements: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and two 5ths. (one was 5th out of a class of 15!) Classes were all good sizes, but she did place 5th of 5th in her first pattern class - and he took the wrong lead cantering - but we can work on that for next year.  All in all, a great day.


Val said...

What a fun day and poem.

I love the foal pics of Oberon. I look at them and pretend they are Harley.

Renegades said...

Our children ride also. However we ride western as I grew up in ranching country. They both ride a quarter horse. Lately they are really into riding bareback which I am all for as it builds their balance and horsemanship skills.

SaraV said...

A beautiful horse and daughter. Congratulations on your wins:-) They are so funny how they test you, always keeping us on our toes...

ayala said...


Alice Audrey said...

Hmm... "Bring back the blue" just doesn't sound right to me.

Hey, still interested in Mongolian horse?